WWAIL 2005 Recap

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Harvard University
More than Fifty activists rattle the cages for Animals in Laboratories in Cambridge, Mass.!

Passersby couldn't ignore members of Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition as they handed out thousands of flyers bout the suffering animals in laboratories endure at Harvard University.

Yerkes National Primate Center
Protesters gather outside Emory's gates decrying the use of animals for research at the Yerkes National Primate Center, where they had planned to hold a mock funeral for dead primates on Saturday. 

Ohio University
Members of the Athens (Ohio) Animal Rights Coalition held a vigil at Ohio University and handed out hundreds of leaflets on the suffering animals endure when they are cut, burned, or otherwise tortured in the name of science. The Athens Messenger, published a photo (below) of the vigil.

University of Alabama Birmingham
Birmingham activists held demonstrations and a candlelight vigil to expose the realities about primate research at University of Alabama Birmingham. Their efforts were widely covered by Birmingham television media.

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