WWAIL 2007 Recap

IDA's 21st annual World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL) was held from April 22nd to 28th this year with events taking place in dozens of states and countries, from San Francisco to Switzerland. The events (including protests, demonstrations, speeches and press conferences) helped educate the public about the scientific, moral and economic realities of animal experimentation and the humane alternatives that exist.

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San Francisco, Calif.

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Portland, Ore.

Animal Rights Protesters March At OHSU

Austin, Texas

Organizations educate public on animal cruelty


One month after the end of WWAIL 2007 (SMAL 2007) in French-speaking countries, over 40 actions carried out by around 30 local animal rights groups and animal charities have been reported to International Campaigns on its SMAL (WWAIL) website.

Among this information reported are awareness actions in French-speaking countries, mostly in France, but also in Switerland, Belgium and Luxemburg, and a concert, which was run in Toulouse mid-April 2007 in support of the animal rights movement for WWAIL 2007

Street theater performances were carried out in several towns and cities, for instance in Besançon, Paris, and Toulouse. Videos of animals in laboratories were played in the streets in cities and towns such as Bordeaux, Paris, and Vire.

WWAIL 2007 in French-speaking countries meant: leafleting of several thousands copies of the abolitionist antivivisection SMAL leaflet against all and any animal experiments which also promote non-animal testing and research methods. Thousands of copies of various antivivisection and cruelty-free lists were also handed out during the campaign.

Thousands of signatures were collected throughout France for various antivivisection petitions and over one thousand samples of various cruelty-free healthcare/cosmetics/household product samples and accompanying literature were given to the public by various local animal rights groups.

At noon on Tuesday, April 24, 2007, the Day for Animals in Laboratories, a silent minute was observed by French-speaking animal activists and thousands members of the public were made aware on that day of the cruel fate of animals imprisoned and tortured in vivisection laboratories.

A special electronic SMAL information pack was made available by International Campaigns in the beginning of April. This pack contains detailed information on vivisection and antivivisection arguments - in order for anyone to inform their acquaintances on animal experiments - and a two-page questionnaire to be filled in by their friends and family members.

Over twenty press mentions were obtained for SMAL 2007.

All in all, during the second half of April 2007, tens of thousands of passersby were made aware of what is going on in vivisection labs throughout the world. SMAL in Europe is an ever-growing antivivisection campaign.

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