What is WWAIL?

World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL) is an annual event designed to expose the plight of animals used for testing and research. WWAIL seeks to arouse concern for animals in laboratories as well as educate the public about the scientific, moral, and economic objections to animal experimentation, also known as vivisection.


In 1986, In Defense of Animals expanded a day of observance into a week-long effort to increase the effectiveness of the event. Since then IDA has served as the international coordinator for WWAIL. Today, WWAIL has grown to involve scores of activities across the U.S. and worldwide. Everything from educational events to direct action protests has spurred unprecedented concern about animal research.


The time has come for dramatic change. With a wide and growing array of non-animal research methods rendering vivisection increasingly obsolete, animal experiments conducted today could be eliminated with the full-scale implementation of non-animal methods - without risk to human health. However, the research, drug and chemical industries - entrenched in animal research for legal, economic and political reasons - perpetuate the myth that animal experimentation is necessary.

WWAIL looks to the future with the hope of ending the misery and pain for animals in laboratories and at the same time, improving human health. Supported by thousands of animal advocates, physicians, veterinarians, scientists, and healthcare reformers, WWAIL challenges the animal research industry's propaganda with hard facts and fresh perspectives. Science and our ethical relationship with all living creatures must progress beyond vivisection.

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